Parental Controls for Preventing Children from In-game Gambling

Jun 11, 2024 Gambling & Video Games

Parental Controls for Preventing Children from In-game Gambling

One option to keep from going overboard is to use prepaid cards that have a predetermined amount for in-game purchases.

Being Vigilant

While video games can be a great way to pass the time for kids, some of them have gambling elements, such as random-rewards loot boxes. Parents may feel worried about them. We can see how parental controls work in this case:

Safeguarding the Money Bag

Put a cap on in-app purchases or make users enter a password before they can buy anything with many platforms and app stores letting you do just that.

Tools for Monitoring

Devices typically have parental control features that may monitor app use and financial transactions. Keep tabs on your child’s in-game progress using these.

Transparency in Speech

Have a frank discussion with your kid about gambling and in-game purchases. Make sure everyone understands the possible dangers and what to expect.


Open communication is vital, but parental controls are useful tools. You can keep your youngster from getting into trouble with the law for gambling while still enjoying the excitement of video games if you work together.